paynesville, mn
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Kay's Studio:
Kay works in a variety of mediums. Focusing primarily on watercolors, She creates images that often serve to compliment calligraphic strokes of poetry, wisdom and other textual conceptuals of grace.

Essentials of the Soul Book Cover Published in 2003, Essentials of the Soul presents clear, beautiful and thoughtful artwork for women.
Carrying throughout a theme of essential oils, each calligraphic page captures the elements of thought which parallel and attune to the scent and feel of these oils.

Essentials of the Soul - sample page
This sample page on the right characterizes the essential oil, Honey Myrtle, and the Soul Remedy of Comforting.

The book contains 12 plates.

These plates were originally conceived and used to compliment the launch of commercial products based upon the the oils.

Copies can be purchased by contacting the gallery.

Artwork by Kay, Family Spirit

This painting, entitled, Family Spirit is intended to convey the deep loyalty and love that is found in a caring home. It primarily addresses the idea that a father guides this love.

Framed with mats, this piece is $195